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FDIC unclaimed property listing released

Jan 26, 2015   //   by Chad   //   Documents, Unclaimed property search  //  No Comments

The technical team at Discovered Money has released a large database of unclaimed property records for the public to view for free.  This list is current as of January 26, 2015 and will be updated periodically.

The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) guarantees many bank accounts a minimum amount if the financial institution holding the funds is closed or fails for any reason.  After a bank closure, the FDIC receives a list of depositors from the failed institution and attempts to contact all owners of the funds for transfer to a new institution.  Not all of the owners are able to be contacted.  This database contains a list of those account holders who are due an unspecified amount of money from the FDIC.

The database is available in Google Sheets at this link.

For more information about the FDIC or to access a claim form, visit this link.

San Diego County issues list for September unclaimed funds deadline

Jul 29, 2012   //   by Chad   //   Documents, Latest News, Unclaimed property search  //  No Comments

According to the San Diego Business Journal:

San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister says he has nearly 800 unclaimed cash accounts amounting to almost $200,000 that he’s trying to return to the rightful owners.

The funds in the accounts came from individuals who have done business with any county department in the past three years and are overpayments. The majority of the money, some $117,000, is property tax refunds, but another $94,000 is from refunds by various county departments consumers have dealt with. The largest refund is for about $8,700 while the lowest is $10.

“We hope that the owners come forward before September 14, 2012 and claim their refunds,” McAllister said.

After that deadline, state law allows unclaimed countywide funds to be turned over to the county’s general fund; property tax refunds require four years before the county can officially take them.

The property tax refund listing is available here in PDF format and here in XLSX format (Excel 2010).

The county-wide refund listing is available here in PDF format.

To claim anything found on the list of the unclaimed accounts, go to, or call 877-829-4732.

Wisconsin releases unclaimed Prudential life insurance listing

Jul 29, 2012   //   by Chad   //   Documents, Latest News, Unclaimed property search  //  No Comments

(Via submitted press release.)

MADISON, Wis., July 18 — The Wisconsin State Treasurer issued the following news release:

Starting today, Wisconsin residents who believe they are the beneficiaries of aPrudential Insurance Company policy will be able to search the unclaimed property database and see if they are owed any money. Late last week, Prudential Insurance turned over more than $1.5 million in one of several payments expected through the end of 2012.

Prudential revamped its unclaimed property reporting practices to better cross-reference its policy database with public death records.

”Prudential is doing the right thing by ensuring those who are owed death benefits receive that cash,” State Treasurer Kurt Schuller said.

Prudential is currently cross-referencing millions of names in databases to make sure death benefits are sent to Unclaimed Property Units in California,Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi,Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota,Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Washington, D.C. as well asWisconsin.

The Wisconsin State Treasury has received 1,078 names from Prudential and we have placed a PDF document and Excel spreadsheet with those names on our homepage,  These documents will be updated at the same time our database is updated as Prudential continues to send more information to our office.  Check frequently.

Bankruptcy court issues fresh unclaimed funds list

Jan 3, 2012   //   by Chad   //   Documents, Latest News, Unclaimed property search  //  No Comments

On December 22, 2011, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court (District of Vermont) issued a fresh unclaimed funds list on this website.

Download the entire 4-page list here in PDF format.

Delaware releases fresh unclaimed property files

Nov 6, 2011   //   by Chad   //   Documents, Latest News, Unclaimed property search  //  No Comments

On October 28, 2011, the State of Delaware released five (5) PDF data files that contain the latest unclaimed property lists.

The technical team at Discovered Money has combined all five files together for easy sorting and searching.  The Delaware database is available in Microsoft Excel 2010 format (XLSX) at one of two Gumroad pages for a nominal fee.

Delaware Only records from 2011 Unclaimed Property Database in Excel 2010 format

Complete 2011 Delaware Unclaimed Property Database in Excel 2010 format

If you would like to review the Delaware PDFs, please visit this page.

Glendale, California residents can check newly published uncashed check list

Oct 4, 2011   //   by Chad   //   Documents, Latest News, Unclaimed property search  //  No Comments

If you live or have every lived in Glendale, California, please check their newly published uncashed check list.  The city plans to send all of the funds to their general fund unless you claim your funds soon.

The full story is at NBC – Los Angeles.

The list is available here in PDF format.